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Gallery Of Cartoon & Caricatures By Gerhard Haderer - Austria
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Gerhard Haderer - Austria
Gerhard Haderer is one of the most important satirical draughtsmen in the German-speaking world.
In 1985 he published his first caricatures in the Austrian profile.
The cooperation lasted for more than 20 years.
Since 1991 his drawings are shown weekly as "Haderers Wochenschau" in the german stern.
Haderer's cartoons are regularly printed in numerous newspapers and magazines in the German-speaking world.
With MOFF. Haderer started his own comic project in 1997.
In 36 editions it appeared until 2000. In April 2008 Haderer for MOFF.
Back to the pencil.
Since then, Haderer has published a fine book on the subject every month at the Scherz & Schundfabrik.
Haderer's work also includes nearly 30 books, which he has published since 1987, either alone or together with authors such as Peter Turrini, Elfriede Hammerl or Josef Hader.
His book The Lord Novak: records of a contemporary has been performed since autumn 2014 as a stage with Ferry Ollinger.
Haderer directed the piece for the first time.
Haderer was born in 1951 in Leonding near Linz.
After working as a freelance graphic artist, draftsman and illustrator for advertising agencies, he worked as a freelance photographer for advertising agencies and commercials in Linz until 1984, specializing in photo-realistic representations in all areas of advertising illustration.
Since 1985 he has been working as a cartoonist in Linz.

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