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Gallery Of Cartoon By Saeed Sadeghi-Iran/2016
0 Comments | 0 Likes| Gallery | Cartoon | Saeed Sadeghi | Iran | 2016

Saeed Sadeghi Born in Jahrom ,1974 B.A in painting from Tehran Art University , Art teacher. Activity in painting-graphic Design and Cartoon
The representor of FECO in Jahrom .

Awards :
2008 - First prize of the International gaze cartoon contest – ---------------------------------IRAN 
2008 - First prize International Caricature and Cartoon Contest Ciudad de Bogota--COLOMBIA 
2004 - First prize for Cartoon of the Festival Visual Art Teachers ---------------------------IRAN
2005 -Second prize for Cartoon of the 5th Festival of Porseshe Mehr-Tehran --------------IRAN 2004 -Second prize for Cartoon of the 4th Festival of Porseshe Mehr-Tehran --------------IRAN
2007 -Special Prize of the 27th International Nasreddin Hodja----------------------------TURKEY
2006 -Work Mentioned in Biennale International EUROHUMOR--------------------------ITALY
2008 -Honorable Mention of the First International Cartoonet Street Children-------------IRAN
2008 -Honorable mention of the 4th International cartoon contest---------------------------SYRIA 
2007 -Honorable Prize of The 1Th International China Olympic Cartoon Competition--CHINA 2007 -Honorable Mention DAEJON International Cartoon Contest------------------------KOREA 2007 -Success Award first international cartoon contest "NAJI Al, ALI---------------------SYRIA 2007 -Selected Participant International Festival of Cartoons Guilan-------------------------IRAN 2001 -4th prize for the First Cartoon Festival for College Students-----------------------------IRAN 


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