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Gallery Of Cartoon By Jaber Asadi - Iran
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Jaber Asadi
Born in 1983 in Tabriz in Iran
BA in Accounting. He started cartoon from 2002, in addition of illustration for children's books and character design in caricature.
He is now in charge of cartoon Art Center in Hoze Honary of East Azerbaijan.
He has been participated in numerous group exhibitions and his artworks have been published in different cartoon magazines such as:
Kayhan Caricature, Hamshahri Javan. Karicature
He has active participation in festivals and he also published his artworks in : 
Javan. Iran Cartoon. Bezanghah. ... and different catalogs over the world  
International awards:
- First Prize in the 4th International Competition of Azerbaijan ( 2005)
- First Prize in International Festival of Gaza (2014)
- First Prize in " country production center" ( 2012)
- Special Prize and selected in Syria contest ( 2006)
- Special Prize in Red Man,China competition ( 2006)
- Special Prize in International Competition Tabriz ( 2006)
- Selected in Fadjr International contest.
- Third Prize in Festival of Computer Games and Winner of the best graphic design in this tournament games( 2012)
Address: NO 1/68- Javan alley.Golchin Gharbi alley- Palestine street. Tabriz. Iran

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