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Gallery Of Caricatures By Petar Pismestrovic - Austria
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Petar Pismestrovic - Austria
Born in Sremska Mitrovica, former Yugoslavia in 1951.
After the school graduation he studied political science in Zagreb, and since 1970 he works as professional cartoonist.
Aside of his work for 40 newspapers and magazines, he organised 25 exhibitions of his own works in former Yugoslavia, took part in numerous cartoon exhibitions and festivals worldwide and won five first prizes, twice in Tolentino (Italy), Deva (Romania), Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) as well as the second Prize in Seoul (Korea), the "Excellence Prize" in Tokyo (Japan) and the Special Prize in Istanbul (Turkey).
One of the founding members of the croatian cartoonists association (HDK). Pismestrovic works for Kleine Zeitung (Austria) since 1992.
His works have been published in magazines and newspapers such as Nebelspalter (Switzerland), Courrier International (France), New York Times (USA), International Herald Tribune (France) , Cicero(Germany).


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