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Gallery Of Artworks By Red Nose Studio
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Chris Sickels - Red Nose Studio

I grew up on a small family farm where working hard was the only option, things had to be fixed with what was on hand. Now I create 3D illustration and stop-motion animation with what is at arms reach here in the studio. Making my images come to life with textures, light and elbow grease. My illustrations and animations have been recognized by American Illustration, Communication Arts, and HOW. The Society of Illustrators has awarded three golds and a silver medal for both illustrative and motion work. The stop-motion animated films have screened at various festivals including Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and Montreal Stop-Motion Film Festival. I have authored and illustrated The Look Book, and have illustrated the children's books Here Comes The Garbage Barge, The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away From Home, and The Secret Subway.

The accompanying video was put together by the fine folks at GoodSparkGarage

Red Nose Studio is based in Greenfield, Indiana USA


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