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Winners Of The 34th Aydin Dogan Cartoon Contest -2017
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1st Prize: Ross Thomson, UK
2nd Prize: Shahram Reza, Iran
3rd Prize: Raimmundo Rucka, Brazil

The winners of the competition were:
Alessandro Gatto (Italy)
, Darko Drijevic (Montenegro)
, Dokhshid Qodratipour (Iran)
, Ehsan Ganji (Iran)
, Krzysztof Grzondziel (Poland)
, Luc Descheemaker (Belgium)
, Muhammed Djerlek (Bosnia)
, Raimondo Ruche Santos Souza (Brazil)
, Silvano Mella (Brazil)
, Vasco Gargalo (Portugal)
and Ross Thomson (England).

The 34th edition of the Ayd?n Do?an International Cartoon Contest, which is titled as the "number one cartoon contest in the world", which is a competition of works that shed light on world agenda, 641 artists from 63 countries participated with 2,220 cartoons. The selection committee evaluated the 261 caricatures of 187 artists from the forefront of 40 countries.

above cartoon from Shahram Rezai-Iran

Congratulations to Shahram Rezai,Dokhshid Qodratipour and Ehsan Ganji

Congratulations to all winners too...


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