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Visula art Directory of artists started it's activity today in resistart website to submit the latest artworks and biographies of Iranian and foreign artists. 
This data base allows the artists to search by visual fields of Animation, Illustration, Photography, Modern Art ( Conceptual arts), Graphics ( Poster, Typography, Logo Design, Infography) , Painting ( Drawing and Printmaking, Calligraphy Painting) Cartoon and Caricature, Illustration (Comic Strip) and Sculpture and 3D artworks. 
This database also gives the possibility to search in to two different languages about each subject, for example if an artist works in a publication by inserting title of the publication you can see names of all the artists who are active in that publication.
At the same time in profile of all the artists the flag of his country can be seen. By clicking on the flag you can see all the artists of that country that are active in different artistic fields.
You can search by key works such as: Illustrator, Illustration, Painter,.... are also available.
We hope that this database become a field for better introduction of Iranian and foreign artists. It's obvious that by interaction with artists these information constantly updated.
Artists that are interested to attend in to this database please send 3 personnel and non- personnel photo,and  at least 30 artworks in size 900 pixels and 72 dpi with their biography to this email address: 
Thanks a lot
Click here to see the Visula art Directory

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