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The Third International Grand Award Of “Down With Usa”
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Photograph, Poster, Cartoon
* US & Human Rights
* US & Oppression
* US & Democracy
* US & Dictatorship
* US & Freedom of Speech
* US & 99% Movement (Wall Street)
* US & Supporting Terrorism
* There is no time limitation for the works and all the works which are sent up to the deadline will be participated in Festival.
* The format of graphics works should be JPG in A3 size and maximum 5 mg.
* The format of photographs should be JPG and maximum 5 mg.
* The format of cartoons should be JPG and maximum 5 mg.
* All the works will be presented to the participants in books, will be shown in the exhibitions and …

New Deadline:
November,20, 2016

First place in each part: 2,500 EUR
Second place in each part: 1,250 EUR
Third place in each part: 500 EUR

Jitet Koestana-Indonesia,Hicabi Demirci-Turkey & Mahmood Nazari-Iran

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