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The Second Weekly Magazine Of Humor And Caricature " Bezangah" Was Published
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The second weekly magazine of Tanz o Caricature " Bezangah" was published.
Maziar Bizhani " Bezangah" holder of the publishing licence wrote in a part of the editorial of the second weekly magazine: It's difference between each number of the magazine. You saw that the sky opened and showed our fortune and the second number of Bezangah was published and is now in your hands, and because each action has a reaction you great readers of this weekly magazine sent us confirming, congratulations and encouragements. we have also many shortcomings and I'll confess to great Iranian readers that we'll try to remove these problems and we'll do our best for improving the magazine. I'll promise from my side and other friends of mine in editorial board and back ground agents. The important thing is that Bezangah magazine is becoming better and it will improve by your help.
In this magazine you'll read: "Cartoon Events"," Campagne of 3 directors became 7 dirctors", " A poster that is film itself" , " Memories of a corp washer" , " Laugh on time"....

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