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The Jury Of International Salon Of Humor Graphic Of Pernambuco/Brazil,2016
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Osmani Simanca (Simanca), Cuban cartoonist naturalized Brazilian, has an academic background in arts and has won several national and international awards. It is currently the newspaper caricaturist A Tarde, in Bahia. With drawings published in magazines and newspapers in the four corners of the planet, has its Simanca charges shared on social networks by netizens who identify with the defense that it does the secular state and democracy, fighting authoritarianism. In this direction, Simanca is tireless, creative, managing to be at the same time, virulent and funny. Attuned to the events that are around power, his cartoons are tools to disassemble the official speeches, moralists or inquisitive nature. His line is unique, makes little use of dark areas, using small parallel lines to give volume or texture.
Jose Alberto Lovetro (JAL) takes his journalist status and cartoonist, working with entrepreneurial spirit on both fronts. Communication services Mauricio de Souza and is one of the creators HQMIX Trophy, considered the "Oscar of Comics" in Brazil. Owner of a clean and delicate trace, only employs hatches and colors which sees them as essential or to call attention to the surprising aspect of his work. JAL does not skimp on the scenarios, treated with elegance to situate the reader in the ambience you want, giving eloquence to his cartoons. His work of graphic humor published in countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, is noted by awards already won and is characterized by the ironic tone of social criticism and customs. JAL is president of the Association of Cartoonists of Brazil.
Valdecio Cesar Andrade (VANDRADE) is Pernambuco, with national cartoonist, cartoonist and artist awards. His cartoons have a strong influence of surrealism, showing situations of urban life that plays with graphics or complaint to social inequalities absurd. Strong colors, many elements and optical illusion are Vandrade work marks, playing with perspectives also distorted in his comics in black and white. Another interesting feature of his graphic humor approach is the use of three-dimensionality dialoguing with the plans. This is an aggregator character artist, always seeking exchanges with their peers in the region. As an entrepreneur your products, create exhibitions, fanzines and multiplies in social networks.

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