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The Unpublished Cartoon By Yurij Kosoboukin/About 40 Years Ago!
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The unpublished cartoon by Yurij Kosoboukin/about 40 years ago!

Dear friends!

Through your website I would like to publish previously unpublished cartoon of my colleague on the magazine "Pepper"- Yuri Kosobukin. This cartoon is kept in my possession. Yuri drew it in the mid 70's of the last century. Original cartoon confirmed inscription on the back of the figure in Ukrainian. . "With the exhibition. Kosobukin Yuri. Instructor Youth League Committee of the Leningrad district of Kyiv"

Mourn the untimely death of our outstanding cartoonist-Yuri.Kosobukin.

Valery Chmyriov - cartoonist of "Pepper"(Kyiv,Ukraine)

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