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The 1st Global Cartoon Festival On Safe Community-2017
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The 1st Global Cartoon Festival on Safe Community-2017

 Simultaneously with the international conference on safe community, Mashhad 2017, the first global caricature festival will be held. The following topics are covered in the festival:

1.Safety and urban transportation

-Making sidewalks safe

-Making urban streets safe

-Clean and safe transportation

-Vehicle Safety and Standards

-Traffic rules and safe community

 2. Health, hygiene, and safe community

-Trauma care

-Providing health services for prevention and control of health disorders

-Safe community and mental health

-Nutrition and safe community

3.Safety in public places and urban environments

-The promotion of safety in environment with an emphasis on innovative approaches (especially in schools, places of worship, etc.)

- The role of ergonomics and environmental health in creating a safe community

 4.Safety and municipal services

-The role of municipal services in creating a safe city

-Environment and safe community

5.Safety in urban design and urbanization

-Townscape, visual comfort, and mental health

-Planning and urban design indicators which are effective in the promotion of citizen’s safety

-The role of urban lighting and safety lighting design in the safety of the city

-Making the municipal utilities safe in order to prevent accidents

 6.Information technology (IT), communications, smartization, and safe community

-The use of IT and communication technology in detecting, recording and analyzing events data

-Smartization and safe community

- The role of IT, communications, smartization, and safe community

 7.The culture of citizenship and safe community

- Citizenship education and its role in safe community

- Safe culture and citizens’ role in the promotion of safety in the community

- Citizenship rights and safe community

-Religious teachings and safe community

 8.Safety risk management

-The indicators of urban disaster risk management

-Urban risk prevention strategies

-Primary and secondary risks posed by climate change in cities

Theme: what will the future cities look like?

 The conditions of participations:

- The artists should send their personal data forms and artworks to the festival secretariat email

- The artworks, awarded in other festivals or competitions, are not accepted and they will be rejected in the judgment stage

- The organizers of the contest are allowed to use all the artworks for advertising the safe community issues

- The file should be in JPG or PNG format, 2000 pixel, and 300DPI

-          The artworks entered the exhibition will be published in a festival book, and the artists creating those artworks will receive a copy of the book

Festival prizes:

The first winner: 1500 $, trophy, and honorable Mention

The second winner: 1000$, trophy, and honorable Mention

The third winner: 750$, trophy, and honorable Mention

Send your works : Email:

Deadline: 23 February, 2017

The festival & exhibition date: 6-8 March, 2017
Telephone and fax: 00985138412321

Secretariat address:
Safe Community Conference Office, Charsoogh1, Art Center, Koohsangi Park, Mashhad, Iran.


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