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Results 70th Anniversary Of The United Nations, Moscow 2015, Russia
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Musa GUMUS, Turkey

The competition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the United Nations

CONTEST THEME: "The concerns of the world" Cartoonists have always been active members of society.

They are constantly attracted his attention to the complex issues of our time. Solve many of them are designed to United Nations, established in 1945, powers, defeat the scourge of the XX century - fascism. Mankind today is worth a lot of problems .It is not easy even to list all the challenges facing the international community

Winners  :

1- Musa GUMUS, Turkey

2- Makhmudzhon ESHONKULOV, Uzbekistan

3- Irina MAKSIMENKO, Russia

4-Ehsan GANJI, Iran

5-Ángel Ramiro Zapata MORA, Colombia

6- Vasiliy ALEXANDROV, Russia

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Makhmudzhon ESHONKULOV, Uzbekistan

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Ehsan GANJI, Iran

 Congratulations to Dear Ehsan Ganji

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Ángel Ramiro Zapata MORA, Colombia

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Vasiliy ALEXANDROV, Russia

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