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Plantu And Laurie Against Islam And Prophets
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Manager of Iranian House of Cartoon mentioned establishing of two cartoon contests by titles of "Daesh(Isis(Al Qaeda) To Be Called Daesh )" and "Holocaust" for reaction toward obscene cartoons of French magazine and said:" We have many documents about background and planning people in recent insulting to holy Islam Prophet and we will publish them very soon."


Shojai Tabatabai in an interview said:" Its obvious that insulting to holy prophet of Islam is a purposeful plan that is repeating of "Daesh" and recent terrors in France."

He mentioned:" The strange point is that western government officials explain insulting to Islam prophet as the freedom of expression ,but we ask them:" what freedom of expression that when anybody talks about Holocaust he will be behaved badly like prison and cash penalty and nobody has the allowance to search about this issue?"

Director of Cartoon Biennial said:" We emphasize that we will encounter all the people who confront our religion and we will confront their world and they will have to wait for our serious reaction."

Shojai Tabatabai said about Iranian cartoonists reaction toward insulting to Islam Holy Prophet:" We will have artistic reaction toward this issue by organizing two cartoon contests by titles of "Daesh" a small group that is created by supports of Zionist Regime , America and Western governments. Our second step is organizing another "Holocaust" contest.Details of these contests will be announced in near future.

This cartoonist also mentioned the main planners of insulting to holy Islam prophet and said:" We know who they are. I can name two of Zionist cartoonist ,one of them is "Ranan Lurie" American cartoonist and the other one is "Plantu" French cartoonist of Le Monde newspaper.He was present in both cartoons of Danish and Charlie Hebdo magazines.

Shojai Tabataqbai added:" I'll give the documents of these two cartoonists toward Islam to media very soon."

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