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Opening Of The First International Exhibition Of Cartoons Mix 2 + 2 In Bulgaria!
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The first exhibition of cartoons of the international project "2 + 2" MIKS association from Sisak was opened on 01.04.2016. year, in celebration of 44 years of existence of the Museum of Humour and Satire, 40 birthday event Gabrovo Planet and an international day of humor and joke in the Bulgarian town of Gabrovo.

His work on the first international exhibition MIKS "2 + 2" presented by Ivailo Tsvetkov, Trayko Popov, Nenad Ostojic and Damir Novak. Each author is represented by 15 works.

Under the program, which runs until 21 April 2016, held a number of international and Bulgarian national exhibitions and theater performances.

In addition to the first exhibition of cartoons MIKS "2 + 2" which exhibit their works Ivailo Tsvetkov and Trayko Popov (Bulgaria) and Nenad Ostojic and Damir Novak (Croatia), at the Museum of humor and satire are held exhibitions of photographs and drawings "The Smile" famous Bulgarian artists Tsvetan Stoyanov and Kalina Nikolova, "Photo Click" Photo exhibition of Spanish photographers and journalists Franciso Punal Suarez, presentation of the book Possible Truth Bulgarian writer Volen Mitrev, as well as theater performances Gabrovo Planet.

International project MIKS "2 + 2", the international association of cartoonists MIKS headquartered in Sisak, was conceived as a kind of "Champions League" for caricaturists who aims to "networking" cartoonist from the region and Europe, as well as the promotion of cartoons, for now is accepted in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Austria. At exhibitions exhibit their works in two cartoonists from the host country and the two authors of the client's country. Households are exchanged, and unlike the other Champions League here are all winners.

At the end of 2016 in Sisak will be held the second exhibition of the MIKS "2 + 2", while for 2017 and 2018, preparing exhibitions with fellow cartoonists from countries Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Serbia and Romania, as well as a return exhibition with colleagues from Bulgaria.

Association MIKS together to FECO Bulgaria in Sofia agreed, in addition to reciprocal exhibitions MIKS "2 + 2" with counterparts from Bulgaria for the year 2017 a large (national) exhibition of Bulgarian Cartoonists Association in Sisak (Croatia), so for the first time in the history of the city of Sisak will host a national international exhibition of cartoons.

It is known, gives you a good picture says more than 1000 words, and the fact that good cartoons speak all the languages of the world.

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