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The 50 Worst Things About Facebook
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Mark Zuckerberg graces MAD’s June cover. And Facebook is the subject of the issue’s headlined article “The 50 Worst Things About Facebook.” This hits home for many of us.

Some of our favorite things to hate on Facebook about include:

#5 The devil and angel that appear on your shoulders as you debate whether to accept or ignore your grandmother’s friend request.

#11 Friends inviting you to view albums of parties you weren’t invite to.

#33 The depressing realization that, if Bigfoot does exist, he would be on Facebook now, too. But, since he’s not, case finally closed.

#42 Facebook’s regular, unannounced altering of privacy settings–which are slightly less difficult to undo than cracking the DaVinci Code.

We don’t want to give away the entire list, so do something crazy. Go buy yourself a copy of MAD.

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