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Interview With Seyran Caferli-Azerbaijan/By Irancartoon
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His cartoons more 1000 were printed in many albums of the international cartoon exhibitions and competitions. In 2002, the first "Cartoonists Union of Azerbaijan" has established and till 2006 he worked as President of this organization.  He organized “Smiling Cat “ International Cartoon Competitions. Now he is the Director First International Cartoon News Center "CNC-International" / / Web site and Chief-editor “Humor” international Cartoon magazine. In international cartoon competitions, he awarded prizes, first, second, third places, gold, silver and bronze medals, including more than 100 awards…


 What was your first satirical cartoon?

My first satirical cartoon I had drawn on the politics US.

When did you start your professional working?

I began to work on cartoons from In the middle school years

What was your first published artwork?

My first cartoon was printed in comic magazine  “KIRPI” in 1982.

What was your first prize?

My first international prize in cartoon was a Special  Diploma 2001, in 14th DUTCH International Cartoon Festival-NETHERLAND

What was your last prize?

The last Prize, (special honor diploma) of the  9th HumoDEVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST Deva, Romania, 2015

How do you find new ideas?

cartoon I choose subjects from the sky

Whats your idea about Inevitable Similarities?

The thoughts are different over the world, the same can

What do you think about plagiarism?

Just copying the Plagiarism and theft

Do you think who is the best Iranian Cartoonist?

There are also a number of Iranian master cartoonist and I respect every one of the signature is unlimited… Kambiz Derambakhsh , Massoud Shojai Tabatabai, Bahram Azimi, Bahram Arjomandnia, Farzana Vaziri, Alireza Pakdel.. and etc..


Who is the best Cartoonist in your country?


Do you think who is the best foreign cartoonist?

Angel Boligan, Ares, Omar Figuros Turcios,  Kambiz Derambakhsh….

What's the best cartoon that you've ever seen? If possible send it to us.

Each is valued those drawn cartoons…

 How much time do you pay for creating an artwork?

Few minutes…

What are your tools and technique for creating artwork?

Aquarelle, normal brushes, simple pen and paper.

Which software do you use?

Free hand.


What's your recommendation to your colleagues?

More Hard Work and success

What do you think about cartoon situation in the world?

Completely confused… plagiarism, similarities, …and etc..

Did you ever had problems with your cartoons?



What was your best cartoon?

I can  not  tell myself

Have you ever created an immediate Cartoon?

To participate the contest when profit  short deadline

Have you ever been jury member in any Cartoon Contest?

more than 41 international cartoon  competitions

What about Caricature?

Cartoon close, but a different genre

Have you ever worked in cooperation with another artist?


What's your idea about Irancartoon website?

Best and perfect in the cartoon world.

If you were born again what did you choose as your career?

Businessman, to help poor people…


Do you think whats the boarder between Cartoon and Caricature?

a human face, the other showing ambition

 What and when was your last exhibition?

My last solo exhibition was held in March 2011 in Ankara Cartoon Foundation -Turkey.

What's your description about cartoon?

Humor and Satire

Do you think an artist can have enough money by creating cartoon and caricature?

This can be a dream

Who's your favorite artist except in cartoon world?

Ilya Yefimovich Repin

What was the last book you've read?

Victor Marie Hugo:les miserable

Do you think humor can be learned?


What's your idea about Black Humor?

I enjoy

Who is the best artist in Black Humor?

Claude Serre - France

What was your last performed Caricature?

The latter is done every new



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