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Interview With Ray Costa Brazilian Cartoonist/By Irancartoon
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I worked for 12 years eferecendo humor drawing lessons for needy children in Rio de Janeiro City - Brazil.
Winner of major national and international mood períodp drawing contests 1998 to date.
Working eat sculturas in carnival Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

What was your first cartoon satirist?
I created a cartoon at the beginning of 1998.

When did you start your professional work?
A caricature in 1998.

What was your first published work?
A singer caricature of Brazilian Popular Music (Agnaldo Timothy) was published in the International Exhibition of Piracicaba-SP mood.

What was your first prize?
1997- 1st Drawing Contest: "On Paper Communication" - TELERJ

What was your last prize?
2nd Place caricature category in the city of Mogi Guaçu - Sp 2015.

How do you find new ideas?
Television news, television and internet.

What is your idea about Similarities inevitable?
By having the mental line cartoonists just by accident working at jobs that the findings may have semalhança with the thought
dp another colleague, this is known as "Poing ping" Ideas! (Normal), different from plagiarism!

What do you think about plagiarism?
Disqualification ... Identity Theft another colleague!

Do you think it is the best Iranian cartoonist?
All prifissionais Iranians have a strong line of humor, complicated elect better in my opinion, admire and short the work of everyone equally.

Who is the best cartoonist in your country?
The Brazil has a powerful barn or factory major profissicionais ... I admire the Dálcio works, Cau Gomez, Ique, among others ...
difficult to choose the first!

Do you think is the best foreign cartoonist?
In a matter of research I have no names to mention. Balance evenly.

What is the best cartoon you have seen?
Cartoonist Japanese "AKIRA" - the same name, released in 1988, which also has script and art Katsuhiro Otomo.

How long do you pay for the creation of a work of art?
Approximately about 3 hours in average.

What are their tools and techniques for creating works of art?
Acrylic on paper ... digital painting and other manual techniques!

Which software do you use?

What is your recommendation to your colleagues?
The most satisfying prossíveis.

What do you think about the situation of cartoons in the world?
It is with a good level! On the technical side, but the scripts are violent.

Have you had problems with your caricatures?
Do Not!

What was your best caricature?
Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, which gave me an award at the International Exhibition of Piracicaba - SP, 2007.

Have you ever created one of the immediate caricatures?
In most cases when I take part in an event with a specific or particular theme.

Have you ever been a jury member in any Contest cartoons?
Yes, Festmenc - Brazil.

And as a caricature?
Festmenc - Brazil.

Have you ever collaborated with another artist? the cartoonist John Carlos ... Mattias - Brazil.

What is your idea about Irancartoon site?
Great reference!

If you are born again you choose as your career?

You think it's the line between cartoon and caricature?
The caricatures and cartoons are tools that break all barriers, all have universal language!

What and when was your last show?
Mogi Guaçu - SP in 2015.

What is your description of cartoons?

Do you think an artist can have enough money by creating cartoon and caricature?
Yes, you can survive, I am a living example.

Who is your favorite artist, except in the world of cartoons?
"Dru Blair"

What was the last book you read?
The little Prince.

Do you think that humor can be learned?
Yes you can!

What is your idea about Black Humor?
If used for good, the right way without offending anyone, makes a great critical weapon.

Who is the best artist in Black Humor?

What was your last held caricature?
Live caricatures at parties and events!

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