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Interview With Makhmud Eshonqulov-Uzbekistan/By Irancartoon
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Your biography in 3 lines:
I wasborn in 21.01.1958 in the village Telov in Beshariq district of Fergana province of Uzbekistan. I graduated from Tashkent State Pedagogic Institute faculty of Graphic Art. A member of the Artists Union of the Uzbekistan. Now I live in Tashkent.

What was your first satirical cartoon?
 My first drawings of satirical cartoon in 1989-1990 years, but theynot published.

 When did you start your professional working?
My works beginning to publish from 1991 in press of Uzbekistan, then I is amateur cartoonist, a years has passed;after a while change tomy work isprofessionaltoo.

What was your first published artwork?
 My artwork was published first in 1991 in magazine of Humor and Satire "Mushtum" of Uzbekistan. This cartoon theme of Dry up the Aral Sea of central Asia.                                                                                                                                                    
What was your first prize?
 I have received the prize first time the Special Prize of Nasreddin Hodja   from “22th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest” Istanbul, Turkey 2002

What was your last prize?
 My last prize from Slovakia;2nd place: Silver Bombura sword “International Cartoon and Graphic humor Contest” Brezno, Slovakia.  


How do you find new ideas?
 Firstly many read, creative search, well informed present time, and love self work find the new idea.

What’s your idea about Inevitable Similarities?
I don't know, I was not think about this situation.

What do you think about plagiarism?
 I dislike plagiarism.Plagiarism is robbery.

Do you think who is the best Iranian Cartoonist?
 Iin all sincerity appreciate and pay tribute the creative works of Iranian Cartoonists. I in all sincerity appreciate and pay tribute the creative works of Iranian Cartoonists. A great many the best Iranian Cartoonists; Javad Alizadeh, Kambuz Derambakhsh, Mahmoud Azadnia…

Who is the best Cartoonist in your country?
 Furqat Usmanov

Do you think who is the best foreign cartoonist?
 Musa Gumus, Turkey

What's the best cartoon that you've ever seen? If possible send it to us.
Very much many best cartoons. Like me the cartoon of Xio Quang Hou (China) too. This cartoon in the catalogue of 12th DICACO 2003. 

How much time do you pay for creating an artwork?
 After find the theme, prepare for two day. 

What are your tools and technique for creating artwork?
My tools very simply; table, chair, pencil, brush, water color, gouache, paper. Firstly sketch with pencil, composition and arrangement, after color, the end gel pen.

Which software do you use?
No me exact software, but every day I work.

What's your recommendation to your colleagues?
 For cartoonist, needwork, need learn, need patience

What do you think about cartoon situation in the world?
 Cartoon be serving for good society and distribute smile for people. But this not like for some country officials and some radicals. Cartoonists and Cartoon art very necessary for the World. 


Did you ever have problems with your cartoons?
Problems were small, no worthy of problem.

What was your best cartoon?
Yes my best cartoon 3-4 by my thinking. My one cartoon "Runners and Monitor" was awarded 6 time: First Prize, Piracicaba, Brazil 2006; Silver Prize, Nanjing, China 2006; Gold Prize Zagreb , Croatia 2007; Special Prize, Deva, Romania 2007; Third Prize, Buenos Ayres 2008; Theme Prize, Daejeon, Korea 2014.

 Have you ever created an immediate Cartoon?
 Appear some theme of cartoon, necessary create immediately, becausepassingtime then lost its importance.


 Have you ever been jury member in any Cartoon Contest?
I was jury member in Cartoon Contests three times: The 2nd China LM International Cartoon Competition 2003, The first International Cartoon Festival National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company 2012.

What about Caricature?
Caricature is rare and valuable art. I am insufficiently createcaricature too. There are big masters of this art in the world.

Have you ever worked in cooperation with another artist?
 I amconstantly connected all cartoonists of Uzbekistan. We jointly send to International Cartoon Exhibitions our creative works.


What's your idea about Irancartoon website?
I was start occupied with internet since 2002. I since then know the This big and best website of Cartoons World. I every day firstly enter and take advantage of

If you were born again what did you choose as your career?
Iwant will the cartoonist too.

Do you think what’s the border between Cartoon and Caricature?

What and when was your last exhibition?
My last Personal Exhibition in Tashkent 2013. Over 250 works is put.


What's your description about cartoon?
 Cartoon - art of a millions!

Do you think an artist can have enough money by creating cartoon and caricature?
 Very not enough.


Who's your favorite artist except in cartoon world?
Croatian artist Oton Anton Reizinger.

What was the last book you've read?
 I read nearNovelof "Sullenned river"of russian writer V.Y. Shishkov.


Do you think humor can be learned?
Humor be learned the life. Humor be learned good and harm.

What's your idea about Black Humor?
Black humor very necessary for the Society and people too.


Who is the best artist in Black Humor?
Willem Rasing, artist of Holland.

What was your last performed Caricature?
My last cartoon “Burlaki”. 



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