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Gallery Of Watercolor Paintings By Ricardo Azkargorta Celaya - Spain
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Ricardo Azkargorta Celaya - Spain
Ricardo Azkargorta Celaya, Bergara 1958.
From next May 3 Arteztu Gallery will house the work of the painter Ricardo Azkargorta, in an exhibition entitled Manipulado.
It is not the first occasion that Azkargorta exhibits in Donostia.
Explore the border between abstraction and figuration, the base of the work being the plant elements.
The treatment and the process of the work is fundamental, starting with photography through the computer to finish in the painting.
The original image is manipulated and deconstructed until the final result is achieved.
These elements allude in some way to the landscape, a fragmented landscape and treated from the symbolism, weaving vegetal networks immersed in aqueous environments, veils and transparencies abound.
The subtle use of nuances offers a sensual environment that enlivens the stimuli.
Azkargorta has made numerous exhibitions, individual, as well as collective.
He also works as a teacher, being a painting teacher for twelve years in the association of Bergara Beart artists.

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