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Gallery Of Sculptures By Romulo Celdran - Spain
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Romulo Celdran - Spain
Spanish artist Romulo Celdran creates huge sculptures of everyday objects for his Macro series.
As children, we once discovered the things around us with a lot of curiosities.
By placing us before a growing world, the artist plays with our perception: I believe there is a magic in the world of scales.
There is a kind of touching memory that invites us to feel the relationship with the Macro objects as if it were a game.
Stating,Reality does not exist, Romulo Celdran aims to deconstruct our process of perception with his hyper-realistic drawings and sculptures of everyday things, which demonstrate that reality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
If what exists is the perception that we have of it, why not explore the underlying principles of that perception he asks.
In line with Claes Oldenburg, his explorations take the form of microscopically observed objects, magnified to spectacular scale.
He works in both two and threedimensions, on an ongoing series of monochromatic drawings titled Zoom, which are related to his series of mixed-media sculptures, Macro. Celdran does not miss a single infinitesimal detail in his re-creations: his drawing of pencil shavings reveals the finely grained texture of the wood, while his sculpture of a bottle cap includes a dusting of rust.

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