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Gallery Of Sculptures By Paul Kaptein - Australia
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Paul Kaptein - Australia
Pauk Kaptein is an Australian artist that produces meticulously hand carved wood sculptures.
Paul Kaptein is a Perth based artist who is currently working with sculpture and watercolour paintings.
His work is broadly concerned with the agency of the present moment. This is evidenced in his painstaking and exquisitely hand carved wooden figures and objects.
Gaps between the laminated layers of wood are purposefully left, forming contours for emptiness and visual portals for what lays beyond. His artworks are inspired by contemporary culture, everyday observations, philosophical readings and inquiry, news reports, song lyrics, sporting events and politics, all deciphered with a wry dark humour.
His watercolour paintings are almost the opposite of his sculptural works, rapidly executed and often containing many different motifs and texts. They are the antidotes to the length of time each carved piece takes.
His artworks remind me of these amazing sculptures created by Gehard Demetz.

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