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Gallery Of Posters By Lex Drewinski - Poland
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Lex Drewinski - Poland
poster designer, born on 11th September, 1951, in Szczecin.
In the years 1976-1981, he studied at the National Academy of Visual Arts in Poznan (now the Academy of Fine Arts) at the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, graduating with honours in 1981 from Waldemar Swierzy's poster design class.
In 1981 he started working as a poster designer with Pol-Film in Warsaw.
In the years 1983-1985 he was a director and screenwriter in the Animated Film Studio in Poznan, for which he created original animated films.
In 1985 he emigrated to West Berlin, where he studied to become a computer graphic designer at the CIMDATA Institute.
In 1992 he won an open call for the position of director at the Faculty of Design of the Fachhochschule Potsdam in Potsdam, where he still heads an independent Graphic Design studio, Konzeption und Entwurf.
Since 2002 Lex Drewiński has worked as a columnist for the quarterly magazine ‘2 + 3D’. In 2008, he earned a doctorate degree in visual arts in the field of fine arts. Since 1985, he has taken part in almost all major poster presentations in the world.
His work has been shown at over 50 individual exhibitions in Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Damascus, Guadalajara, Krakow, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Odense, Thessaloniki, Stockholm, Quito, and others.
He has received over 130 mostly international awards and distinctions for his work.
Lex Drewinski, China from the series of posters Flags, 1996, photo: private archives
Lex Drewiński, China, from the series Flags, 1996, photo: private archives
Drewinski collaborates with the Association of Applied Graphic Designers, which prepared an exhibition during the Polish EU Presidency in 2011 called ‘Design for Freedom – Freedom in Design: Polish graphic design from 1981 to 2011’ in Tokyo and Berlin.


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