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Gallery Of Posters By Kari Piippo - Finland
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kari Piippo - Finland
Born in Finland in 1945.
Graduated in 1967 from the School of Industrial Arts in Helsinki.
Founded his own studio in 1987.
Specialized in illustration and poster design.
Taught graphic design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (Aalto University).
Guest Professor at Tama Art University in Tokyo .
Honorary Professor, Communication University of China.
Logo Design 5, Poster Annual 2005, Poster Annual 2007, Poster Annual 2012, Poster Annual 2013, Poster Annual 2014, Poster Annual 2015, Social/Political Posters
His major Finnish awards include Pro Finlandia Medal, The State Industrial Arts Award and Graphic Artist of the Year.
In Best Finnish Graphic Design competition Platinum Award and four Gold Awards, several Best Finnish Poster Prizes.
International awards:
include e.g. Gold in Mexico International Poster Biennial 1990 and 2006, Icograda Excellence Award in Chaumont1990 and in Warsaw Poster Biennale 2010, Silver from Lahti IPB1991, 1st Prize in Rzeszow ITPB 1993, 1st Prize in Colorado CIIPE1999, Grand Prix Ecoplakat Triennial, Slovakia 2000 and Grand Prix in Trnava Poster Triennial 2012, Slovakia.
Graphis Awards:
Gold award Logo Design , Platinum award Poster Annual 2005, Gold award Poster Annual 2007, two Gold awards Poster Annual 2012, Gold award Poster Annual 2013, two Gold awards Poster Annual 2014, one Gold and one Silver award Poster Annual 2015, two Silver awards Social/Political Posters.
Kari Piippo has been a jury member in many national and international competitions of graphic design.
Exhibitions, lectures and workshops around the world.
Solo exhibitions e.g. in GGG and DDD Gallery in Japan.
Kari Piippo is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationales (AGI)

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