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Gallery Of Portrait Painting By Cian Mcloughlin-Ireland
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Cian McLoughlin was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1977.
He holds a Degree in Architecture and an MA in Film Studies both from University College Dublin.
Cian McLoughlin‘s work is uninhibited, it is pure expression.
His work looks like the inside of someone’s mind, their opinions and ideas imprinted on each piece.
The only conscious ritual I have is to go to the studio and work every day. For me, that’s central. If it could ever be said that I have made a breakthrough or taken the work in a stronger direction then that inspiration has always come out of the work itself. Work begets work.
Once I’m in the studio I try to keep any specific rituals or overly prescribed processes out of my work, to the extent that when I start each piece it sometimes feels like I’m learning to paint from scratch. That is not to say I don’t think about, obsess about even, the process of painting.
I just don’t see it as an A to B to C sequence. I rarely use any underdrawing or gridding up and I often work from several sources at once so the process is deliberately open ended. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes podcasts, sometimes I work in silence. It’s very much dictated by the tempo of the painting I’m working on.


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