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Gallery Of Photomontages By Aditya Aryanto - Indonesia
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Aditya Aryanto - Indonesia
Meet Aditya Aryanto and his love with the world of photography.
Aditya Aryanto comes from the town of Purwokerto.
Currently also working in one of photography vendors engaged in wedding organizer business in Jakarta.
His profession is now as a photo editor.
His courage to Jakarta for pursuing his hobby, which started from fad editing photos using the applications contained in the gadget.
Unexpectedly, this activity became his favorite.
Aditya Aryanto features a box-shaped theme for the main character in the processed photographs and named Anicube, for the series of animal pictures.
Let's scroll the screen down to see the unique face of deer, dogs, fish, squirrels etc in a box shape.

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