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Gallery Of Photo Montages By Filip Hodas - Czech Republic
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Filip Hodas - Czech Republic
Filip Hodas, an illustrator based in Prague, makes 3D works and animations that often reference pop culture, everyday objects rendered in unexpected motion, and corporate products rendered in tongue in cheek, elaborate scenes.
The 24 year old says that these works come out of a pursuit in becoming better in 3D software.
the otherworldly landscapes digitally crafted by filip hodas transport the viewer into a hypnagogic, hyperrealistic space that defies the physical laws that govern the world around us.
since the beginning of 2015, the prague based graphic designer has been realizing a daily render using programs like world machine, cinema 4D and octane.
each of the compositions intersect nature and artifice through the meticulous, digital manipulation of earthly environments, suggesting surreal interventions by unnatural, alien elements a parasitic cluster of pink balloons looms over an icy lagoon; a mammoth, cone shaped rock formation pierces the ground from above; glossy, crystalline orbs hover above jagged cliffs.
the highly-detailed quality of the rendered artworks offer a realistic survey and the possibility of impossible landscapes and scenes.


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