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Gallery Of Photo Humor By Nikolina Petolas - Croatia
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Nikolina expresses her eerie visions through screenshots of an imagined story.
She guides the viewer on a journey through the frames and visual interpretations of her fictional worlds.
Invigorated by sci-fi and fantasy environments as well as experimental music she enjoyes creating strange surroundings and atmospheres filled with mysterious events and characters.
Her motives are sometimes dark and gloomy and often present dreamlike ambients and monstruous creatures. She personifies them with her state of consciousness, inner conflicts and excessive dreamy nature.
She finds inspiration in her surroundings as well as her vivid dreams and loves to give them surreal meanings. She found the way to present her daydreaming in a realistic manner, through genuine photographic textures and authentic components.
Nikolina uses photography as a main tool for her artworks, although she often combines it with other digital techinques. She takes photos on a daily basis and has an immense database from which she chooses the ones that are appropriate for her artworks. She then combines specific photographic fragments into complex montage until she gets a realistic scenery
She often uses selfportraits as characters within her visual stories and therefore becomes an interactive narrator, a storyteller who guides a viewer through her fantasy landscapes.

Nikolina is a conceptual photographer and visual artist. She was born in 1978 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Her love for visual arts developed early while reading comic books. She always loved drawing and listening to new and experimental sounds and productions.
While attending mathematics and science school she developed love for video games and sci-fi movies and enjoyed visual experiences they provided.

Soon she bought a digital camera and started her photographic journey.
For a while she experimented with results she could get straight out of camera, but after a while her interests expanded. Development of modern applications gave her options to take her visions further and soon she started to incorporate her imagination into what she sees in front of her as a photographer, so she started doing complex photocomposites.

Nikolina uses an profound mix of style, colour and technique as a means to transmit various visions from her mind. She combines specific photographic fragments into stunning sceneries.
Inspired by thoughts about the environment we live in, as well as her dark dreams, she creates new formats and glances on objects. That way, ordinary things are put into imaginary surroundings and therefore they create some new world filled with mystery and darkness.
She currently lives and works in Zagreb.

"Nikolina has found a way to show daydreaming in a new and refreshing way.

Her images are different and full of intrigue.

Items from everyday life become storytellers who guide us to the land of dreams and imagination.

Nevertheless there are also questions raised about existence and reality which guide us to the new and darker spheres. Ultimately, they give us fresh view to the world around us."


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