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Gallery Of Paitings By David Grizzle - Usa
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David Grizzle - USA
DAVID GRIZZLE is a professional musician, actor and artist.
He has painted in the U.S.A, and Mexico.
Self taught, rebellious, and outright rowdy, 'Alligator' Dave Grizzle took the non traditional route into art.
After setting his High School on fire as a senior prank, spending a week in Dallas County Jail with a first degree Felony of Arson with Intent to harm, and losing a scholarship to the art institute of Dallas, Dave has built a successful career in the world of music and fine art.
Drawing, painting, skateboarding and playing music since the age of 12, Dave has created a unique world inspired by his many setbacks and his travels abroad.
Since 1997, Dave has traveled as a musician and as a artist in Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Belize, and other parts of Latin America. Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, Chuck Close, and Johnny Cash make up the mind set and soundtrack to Dave's life.
After moving from Mexico to Los Angeles, Ca. in 2008, Dave found new inspiration with the Skate and Surf Culture of southern California.
He shifted his focus from Latin Street Scenes on Canvas, to Vibrant Acrylics on Skate Decks.
Taking multiple decks and mounting them together to form one canvas, Dave has created a unique and one of kind medium that highlights his vision of Classic Americana.

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