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Gallery Of Paitings By Brent Estabrook - Usa
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Brent Estabrook - USABorn July 11th, 1985; Brent Estabrook grew up in Seattle, Washington and received a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Louisville.Although he abandoned his dental profession the day after graduation, Estabrook's work benefit from his intense study of the human facial anatomy - as evident in his portraits and highly sought skull work.Estabrook's work has evolved alongside his life journey: struggles with school debt manufactured the series 'Minting Money’; the time wasted pursuing a degree he will never use highlighted mortality and encouraged his reawakening through 'Frivolous Pursuits’; and now, his achievement of a childhood dream (success as a painter) in the face of debt, doubt, and societal pressure has inspired his 'Perpetual Recess’ stuffed animals.As if he were an old master reborn — Estabrook has reinvigorated our love for fine oil paintings in an era that has been overrun by digital shortcuts, and me-too works created by sloppy stencils and copyright image appropriation.Throughout the various bodies of work, Estabrook displays an unrelenting focus on the detail and placement of every brushstroke.He’s invented a science for color mixing and selection, and created works that captivate audiences of all ages and walks of life.Brent pays ode to the struggle and evolution he has experienced as a human, and artist.He hopes that this story, told through his works of art, will inspire others to negate the small road blocks and pursue what excites them in life… to follow their childhood dreams to do what undeniably makes them as happy as possible.

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