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Gallery Of Paitings By Alex Roulette - Usa
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Alex Roulette - USA
Alex Roulette is an American artist based in New York.
Through painting, I depict fictional and occasionally fantastic scenes that explore the blurred sense of time and place within memories.
The dreamlike landscapes incorporate familiar elements of suburban life that both stylistically and symbolically represent a quasi-nostalgic ordinariness.
The isolation and dislocation of cars, houses, and figures, and the exploration of subtle spatial relationships, recall the hazy state of dreams in which certain details fall into place while others fade away into the unconscious.
Born 1986, Columbus, OH
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
2013 MFA Columbia University, New York, NY
2009 BFA Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
2018 Memory Moving Sideways, George Billis Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
2017 Gap in the Net, George Billis Gallery – New York, NY
2011 A Freeway's Reach, George Billis Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
2010 Fabricated Realism, George Billis Gallery – New York, NY
2008 Paintings, MICA Meyerhoff Piano Gallery – Baltimore, MD.

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