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Gallery Of Paitings By Adam Lister - Usa
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Adam Lister - USA
New York-based artist Adam Lister creates 8-bit watercolor versions of pop culture icons and famous paintings.
In addition to producing recreations of famous paintings in this nearly cubist style, Lister also paints portraits of famous pop icons, previous works including Popeye and Darth Vader.
Born: 1978, United States
Education: BFA The School of Visual Arts, NYC (2003)
Current location: Beacon, New York
Recent exhibitions: Arsham Fieg Gallery (NY), Spoke Art (NY & San Francisco), BAPE (NY & Japan), Just Another Gallery (San Diego), Catalyst Gallery (NY), Yellowstone Museum of Art (MT), Galerie Sakura (Paris), Vertical Gallery (Chicago)
Collaborations: A Bathing Ape, Monoqi, WAVY, Geek-Art, LG Ultra.

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