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Gallery Of Paitings By Adam Caldwell - Usa
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Adam Caldwell - USAMy paintings and drawings juxtapose elements of abstract expressionism and classical figuration.During my training at the California College of Arts and Crafts, I began to create collage drawings that layered disparate images on top of one another; I now use oil paint in a similar way, starting with an abstract background and then adding more photorealistic details, allowing the work to dictate its own construction.The resulting palimpsest of figures and abstract shapes represents the conflicted and paradoxical emotions that underlie my work.My paintings evoke the tensions between mind and body, self and other, present and past. They also raise questions about the nature of identity, particularly concerning issues of gender and sexuality.I am deeply concerned about the world around me, and my work reflects my reactions to social issues such as war and consumerism by contrasting images from American advertisements and popular culture with images of rituals from around the world.The eclectic nature of my work reflects my wide range of interests and influences.My figurative painting and drawing has been influenced by the realistic yet expressive work of Odd Nerdrum, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Antonio López García, Jenny Saville, and Barron Storey, whom I studied under at CCAC.I am inspired by my grandfather, author Erskine Caldwell, and his commitment to representing the unseen and marginalized members of our society.I am also heavily influenced by music, movies, and comics, all of which have shaped my identity.I am an accomplished guitarist and martial artist, and these disciplines also inform my artistic perspective.

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