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Gallery Of Paintings By Michael Klein - Usa
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"Klein’s paintings have a brooding energy emanating from them, a silent, almost exotic, narrative; this stillness takes his work from being just a nod to 19th century artists such as Whistler and elevates it to a contemporary contemplation of the past and present.
The surfaces of his paintings reveal variations in paint density from the thinly painted transparent darks to the richly textured built up lights, thus giving way to a lacquered quality, and the intentionally limited color palette creates a dramatic counterpoint. Thematically, many of Klein’s pieces feel like mysterious vignettes, leaving his story unfinished and all the more fascinating."
Michael Klein is part of a group of American artists leading the revival of representational painting hearkening back to the Renaissance and French Academic traditions.
Klein had two major solo exhibitions in New York City in 2008 and 2010.
He also participated in the American Chinese Oil Painting Artist League (ACOPAL) a prestigious exhibition that traveled through China hitting five major cities including Beijing's World Art Museum.
He and his wife started American Painting Video Magazine in 2010, an online video production which has been viewed in over 130 countries throughout the world.
His work has been published in numerous magazines such as Fine Art Connoisseur, American Artist Magazine and American Arts Quarterly.


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