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Gallery Of Paintings By Danny Ferland - Canada
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Danny Ferland was born in 1975 in Quebec City, Quebec.
He was self taught for many years before discovering the magnificence of figurative art during a European trip in 2002.
Seeing the historical artworks in countless museums is what made him realize the outmost importance of genuine academic training.
In 2008 he moved to New York city after being accepted into the Janus Collaborative school of art.
The curriculum was based on working exclusively from the live model. After months of dedication, he realized that his main interest lied in portraiture, one of the most complex and demanding forms of art.
The balance of strong drawing skills and the sensitivity needed to produce an image with truth and soul is what drove him to pursue the art of portraiture.
“I am trying to establish a subtle bridge between myself and the model, one that is built with trust and generosity. Moreover, this connection enables me to extract a beauty, a story and a spirit that is unique to every subject. If I can convey even a small part of this truth, I know that it will trigger a memory that is lost somewhere in the poetry of the human experience.”

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