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Gallery Of Painting Watercolors By Daniel Marshall – Usa
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Daniel Marshall - USA
Born in New Jersey in 1971, reared in Ohio and finishing his education in Connecticut at the Propersi Institute of Art, Dan is used to adapting to different environs.
As a successful artist, he has been fortunate to extend his travel experiences all over the world.
Providing him frequent opportunities to paint the scenes he finds there and allowing him to draw on his early experiences of adaptation.
Dan is an avid Plein Air painter, producing the majority of his work en plein air.
This has helped to develop a confident style with an immediacy and freshness infused into each painting.
Dan has currently lives in Denver, Co with his wife, Madoka and French bulldog, Mogu.
Over 20 years of drawing daily for clients has sharpened his skills as a draftsman and studying with renowned artist Joseph Zbukivc has elevated his techniques in watercolor.
Dan is constantly studying his influences (Sargent, Galien Laloue, Cortes, Loir, Schmid, Cornwall, Workman) continuing to experiment and hone his personal style.

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