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Gallery Of Painting Watercolors By Blanca Alvarez - Spain
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Blanca Alvarez - Spain
My name is Blanca Alvarez, I live in Malaga, Spain, a city of maritime tradition, which invites to rest and enjoy the surroundings.
Friendly and welcoming people.
I have the luck to join profession and passion; the painting, in particular the technique of watercolor.
I have always liked to paint, there was not a triggering event, it has always been there since I have use of reason.
I trained in an art academy.
I think it is always necessary to have a technical base before being able to go it alone. Once that base is achieved, the most important thing is to paint and paint, work and work, to keep improving.
Since I discovered the watercolor years ago, I have not been able to abandon this technique.
I love its transparency and how colors blend together.
It is the most difficult technique of all, unpredictable, it is the water that decides.
In my work, I try to capture the light and the atmosphere of the moment.
Any theme is good, I do not want to limit myself, I want to be able to paint landscapes, marinas, cities, portraits, etc.
But one of my favorite subjects is the marinas, especially those in which lighthouses appear in the middle of a strong surge.
The headlights have something mysterious that catches the viewer.

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