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Gallery Of Painting & Caricature By Sebastian Kruger-Germany
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Sebastian Kruger was born in Hamelin, Germany in 1963. Krüger naturally developed left handed, however (as was a common practice) was forced to write with his right hand. Today Kruger writes, draws and paints with his right hand, and throws a ball with his left.
Kruger grew up the son of an architect. His artistic deluge began at age 3, when his father dragged him to numerous Disney movies. Kruger became plagued with drawing Donald Duck. His mind would recall Donald vividly, but the image kept moving around in the young artist's mind, it wouldn't keep still, causing Krüger to waste piles of discarded paper. Kruger's parents wouldn't allow him to purchase a still image of Donald at the comic stand. So he would study and memorize the image, then hurry home to draw it. If he felt unclear about a particular detail, he would revisit the comic stand for further study. Unknowingly, this trained the artist's mind to retain an accurate impression of the subject, to observe and memorize the details. A talent that would later become essential to the artist's work.

Kruger's fanaticism with lines and drawing continued until after high school, when Kruger enrolled in the Braunschweig University of Fine Arts. In his first painting class, he was handed a paint box with little colored squares of watercolor paint and a large paintbrush. These articles made no sense to Krüger (a detail minded artist). In general he found the art classes below his expectations.

To pass the time Kruger drew pencil drawings of the teachers. Not all of them, only those that he felt had interesting features or characteristics. Kruger's caricature drawings had gained enormous popularity among the student body and faculty alike. In hindsight, Krüger found school useful in that he learned valuable color theory.


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