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Gallery Of Illustrations By Wenyi Geng - Japan
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Wenyi Geng - Japan
Wenyi Geng was born in Japan, grew up in China, and currently based in New York.
Dragons roam freely and boats are paddled across the air in illustrator Wenyi Geng’s form of a utopian world.
Wenyi uses ink and pen to paint gorgeous environments of surrealism with a warm, autumn-based colour palette.
Although she finds it hard to pin down her exact 'style', she’s heavily inspired by Japanese manga novels and films, nature documentaries, and iconic artists such as Moebius and Matsumoto Taiyou.
Wenyi is finishing her final year of the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay program at New York City's School of Visual Art (SVA), but she has already gathered an impressive number of illustrations that reflect her cultural background, whether subconsciously or not. Wenyi was born in Japan but grew up in China before studying in New York City.

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