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Gallery Of Illustrations By Tzenko Stoyanov - Sweden
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Tzenko Stoyanov, born in 1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria, is a Swedish illustrator.
Stoyanov was from 1987 to 1990 resides in Havana, Cuba.
He studied at the art academy AKI in Enschede, Netherlands.
As an illustrator, he participates among others in the Daily News, People in the Picture / Kulturfront, Esquire and Marie Claire.
my primary occupation is to visualize texts and ideas by using a diversity of visual art techniques.
I try to come up with a single and well recognizable imagery That works in favor of the main theme. Apart from four years of Art academy, I now have fourtheen years of professional experience, Which has been a constant search for new and improved forms of expression.
The necessity for change and improvement has kept the excitement and the joy in the work process and the final product.


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