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Gallery Of Illustrations By Steven Van Hasten-Belgium
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Steven Van Hasten - Belgium
Steven Van Hasten ( 24/01/1972) takes its first steps in Kortrijk. As soon as he is the possibility of grasping a pencil, he begins to terrorize his surroundings.
No tablecloth, wallpaper or wall plastering is still safe, seat covers with beautiful black ink spots are the rule rather than the exception. Fortunately, he soon learns at the Academy there such a thing as paper and canvas exists.
He follows signs 10 year and 2 year design. Meanwhile, standing in his school notebooks more drawings and cartoons than notes, to the chagrin of his well-meaning teachers.
From 1990 to 1994 he studied Graphic Design at the Sint Lucas Institute in Ghent, where he chooses two years specializing in illustration.
Addicted to this exciting city with all its possibilities, he works and lives there still.
A city where old and new go hand in hand, where classic and youthful renewal smooth overlap. That world of opposites is also reflected in the work of Steven. Rarely are the illustrations as they seem at first sight. Hope comes into the corner of sadness, cheerful drawings exuberant, bright colors sometimes hide a lot of criticism on all kinds of abuse.


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