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Gallery Of Illustrations By Soosh - Russia
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Soosh - Russia
I remember back in my childhood we used to have the kind of journals which you passed from friend to friend with a set of questions to try and get to know your friends better.
I thought I could use this idea now writing a little about myself here.
I have been doodling, drawing, handmading all my life.
Having no special education in arts, arts nevertheless is in everything I see, touch or create.
I have been doing yoga for years now not only as very much needed physical training but also as a kind of help to attain balance and better understanding of my own self.
It works.
I love books, you might say i am a book worm, and cinema too, in all its power.
I'm 37 y.o. Russian, at present living in Ukraine.
Adore country life and one day dream to end up living in a small country house with huge windows (for daylight means so much to me) and an olive tree in the middle of a living-room .
I get inspiration from my son, my love and from other people.
Nature is sure inspiring, but to observe humans is still my favorite of all.
I like to find beauty in simple things, forms and colors, this is why in my illustrations there are seldom bright tints.
My favorite saying and even motto, if I may, is by the great Michelangelo Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.
This is how I go about life paying attention to details, trifles and finding great meaning in them.
There are people who inspire or influence our life, it can be a friend, a stranger, fiction character from a book or your own imaginary friend.
The thing is we stop and wonder, even for a moment, about what they say, what they do, what they eat and how they think about life and treat it.

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