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Gallery Of Illustrations By Sergio Aquindo - Argentina
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I have been born in a Argentina 1974.
Once the year 2000 in its place, I live France, beautiful country to love.
I eat the meat of the cow. Drawing on paper with colors.
I am able to read journalistic articles in French, beautiful language that I love.
I'm a writer on the typewriter too.
I work hard and without complaining.
My encounter with the painting could be summarized in two words to flee and get lost.
It was by losing myself in the Louvre, in search of a painting by Vermeer, and fleeing the crowds of tourists, that I landed in the section "Schools of the North" on the second floor of the museum. This room, or region rather, has become my refuge I rarely left it and explored it in detail.
Among Bosch, Holbein, Memling and Van Dalem, I discovered years ago this little Bruegel intimate, modest, strange, magical.
By pure play, I begin copying and extracting details (hats, prostheses, hands, etc.). Every time I went to the Louvre and then to the Northern Schools, I felt.
And to draw a part, a detail, something. I have a weakness for modest things, for small works. In it, there are only beggars, apparently the only survivors of a vanished society.
I have a fascination with technique, generally: on the first sketches I made, I reproduced the crutches and prostheses of the beggars of the painting. It is from there also that comes from the use of black and white.
Finally, the atmosphere of the painting magnetized me, this strange night, these magical colors, and this decor, which one does not identify, and which opens towards a park or a countryside.


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