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Gallery Of Illustrations By Ryan Lang - Usa
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Ryan Lang - USA
My name is Ryan Lang and I am a freelance visual development/ concept artist focusing on environment design, color and lighting, and Key Frame illustrations.
Hailing from Kailua, Hawaii, Ryan Lang is an artist at Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios.
Recently he has worked as a lead designer for Hero’s Duty, and a visual development artist for Wreck it Ralph, as well as the upcoming Disney/Marvel feature animation, Big Hero 6.
Mr. Lang’s work has only recently come to my attention when his amazing rendition of Goliath (from Disney’s Gargoyles) started to make it’s rounds on tumblr.
An incredibly skilled digital painter, Mr. Lang’s styles span from ultra realistic, to simply stylised shapes.
However it is his technique that he uses for his character pieces, like the Goliath one, that are truly captivating.
I can’t put my finger on what makes them so beautiful, but I get the feeling that it has something to do with a personal connection for these characters.
His love for them undoubtedly shines through in his work.

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