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Gallery Of Illustrations By Robert Carter - Uk
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Robert Carter - UK
Robert Carter was born in St. Albans, England, moving to Ontario, Canada, at an early age.
He began his journey into the world of art from the get go, constantly doodling and sketching anything and everything.
He went on to study Art and Illustration, graduating from the prestigious Sheridan College School of Art and Animation.
A professional illustrator for more than a decade, Robert's style combines a strong foundation in portraiture with a unique sense of visual and conceptual problem
He creates striking, vibrant and textured illustrations and portraits ranging from realistic to surreal.
With a background in traditional oil painting Robert applied those skills to the digital realm, teaching himself the digital painting medium.
Which is now his preferred method of working, for it’s speed and flexibility.
Taking a short hiatus from illustration in 2013, Robert went back to Sheridan College to study Computer Animation, graduating with honours.
Robert would like to continue to explore and expand his work, continually striving to improve himself and his art.
He now lives and works as a professional freelance illustrator in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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