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Gallery Of Illustrations By Rebecca Mock - Usa
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Rebecca Mock - USA
I'm Rebecca Mock.
I'm a freelance illustrator, comic book artist and animator.
Past freelance clients include The New Yorker, NY Times, Time, Politico, BBC, HBO, Nautilus,, Riot Games, Fullbright, and Jet Blue.
My first graphic novel, Compass South, written by Hope Larson, illustrated by me, was published through FSG in 2016. Its sequel, Knife's Edge, will be released on June 27th, 2017.
We are currently working on a new book titled Salt Witch, for release in 2020.
I specialize in atmospheric, cinematic .
gif illustration, as well as environmental concept art, background painting, and classic painterly illustration.
In my downtime I enjoy drawing fan art and comics, creating original stories, playing video games, and reading.

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