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Gallery Of Illustrations By Paul Tinker - Uk
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Paul Tinker - UK
Paul is a London based illustrator working at King games; one of the world’s largest gaming creators of today.
He's also a good friend of GFY having grown up together.
I remember all too well the incredible talents of the young Mr Tinker as we sat together through art and design classes.
While I was ‘busy’ scrawling words and type in a sketchbook, Paul would be putting finishing touches to a imaginative scenes involving devils seen bursting from the back cover of his school workbook. Maybe an early sign of things to come as Paul's more recent work explores dark and and almost back-comedy-esque subject matter.
Paul went on to study product design, carefully honing his technical skills to further appreciate form and dimension.
Now a game artist at King, he continues to further develop his skills across illustration and online gaming, experimenting with new techniques for bringing characters and interaction to life.

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