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Gallery Of Illustrations By Paco Pomet - Spain
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Paco Pomet - Spain
Spanish artist Paco Pomet uses oil on canvas to create wonderfully surreal scenes.
His subverted landscapes and portraits often borrow from sepia-toned photographs that look like historical documents or vintage photos.
There is a parallel to traditional Western Art, mixed with a monochrome effect that restates the documentary character of the original piece.
Born in 1970, Granada, Spain. Lives and works in Granada, Spain.
Pomet received a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Granada, Spain, in 1993 and graduated from the School of Visual Arts, New York, in 2004. Pomet’s works are in the permanent collections of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Madrid, Spain; Spanish Academy, Rome, Italy; Santander Museum of Fine Arts, Spain; IVAM (Valencia Institute of Modern Art), Spain; and Colecciōn Solo, Madrid, Spain.
New work by Paco Pomet will be exhibited at Richard Heller Gallery's booth, 345, at Expo Chicago, 2018.

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