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Gallery Of Illustrations By Oliver Jeffers - Ireland
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Oliver Jeffers - Ireland
From painting and installation drawings to image and picture books, Oliver Jeffers has several forms.
Its distinctive paintings are featured in several cities, including the Lazarides Gallery and the National Portraiture Gallery in London, the Brooklyn Museum and the Spring Park Fair (New York) and the Berlin Festival Festival.
Oliver's picture books - including The Incredible Book Eating Boy, this is my banana, the colorful paper post and the sequel of The Crayons Home and Once Upon an Alphabet in more than 30 languages.
Has been. The second work with AKA studio, Oliver's second book, Humor, became an animated short film that received over sixty awards, including BAFTA for the best animated short film.
Book awards include The New York Times Best Illustrated Books, the Smarties Award, the Irish Book of the Year, the Book of the Book of the Book of the Book of the Book, the British Book Award, and the Peter Book of the Blue Book.
Oliver won the Amy Award in New York in 2010 for his joint work with artist and director Mac Premo.
In 2013, Oliver, along with Mac Premo, is a video for normal love by U2, and has recently been made for art and direct art, the U2 is unique and the world tour experience.
Oliver is from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and now he lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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