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Gallery Of Illustrations By Nelleke Verhoeff - Netherlands
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Nelleke Verhoeff - Netherlands
I'm Nelleke Verhoeff, an artist / illustrator based in Rotterdam in Holland.
I started my professional career as a theater-performer. Together with my partner we travelled through the Netherlands and parts of Europe.
We made physical and visual theater, using circus techniques and masks.
We played for adults and children in theaters, on the street and in schools.
In the meantime I discovered my love for drawing, painting and digital art.
I did an intensive painting training at the Vrije Academie Rotterdam.
In 2007 we changed direction and started Yepr, a company, which made websites and applications.
It was then I found out what my real passion is: making art and illustrations.
I'm mostly inspired by people, I love to watch their attitudes and facial expressions.
I like to tell little stories with my work.
In 2011 I started a face a day project.
I made a different face for 365 days and I still love the subject very much My work has been described as whymsical, colorful and poetic.

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